Heroland Internal testing 3.0 activity

A、 Invitation process

Use the official website or the personal invitation link in the game to invite users to register to bind the invitation relationship. The invitation relationship is level 3.

B、 Invitation reward

1. Rewards for invitees

Invite 3,5, 10 will be rewarded with 3, 5 and 10 prop cards. The rewards will be released after the game officially launched. The number of invitees must be valid, which means invitees must reach the city hall level 3.

2. Reward for invited activity return (consumption of opening boxes and purchasing official game props)

The first-class customers get 5% rewards and the second-class customers get 3% rewards

3. Rewards for active players

The combat power will be ranked once a month. The top 100 users' combat power ranking under the invitation system: direct invitees and indirect invitees receive 2000, 1000 gold coins respectively