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MTEE and HGC exchange

Click the "market" page on the official website to see the HGC exchange pool. Set the quantity to be exchanged and click exchange.
Note:Exchange rules between MTEE and HGC 2 million MTEE and 100000 HGC were initially injected into the exchange pool. The exchange pool supports two-way exchange between MTEE and HGC. When a currency in the fund pool is 0, it will be added or the exchange pool will be reset.
The exchange proportion will be adjusted automatically according to the MTEE balance in the exchange pool. The specific rules are as follows: When MTEE balance = 2 million. MTEE:HGC=1:1
When MTEE balance is more than 2 million, whenever N1 million MTEE is added, MTEE:HGC=1+0.1N:1, N is an integer. For example, when N = 1. MTEE balance is 3 million, MTEE: HGC = 1.1:1
When the MTEE balance is less than 2 million, whenever N*500,000 is decreased, MTEE:HGC=1:1+0.5N, N is an integer. For example, when N=1. The MTEE balance is 1.5 million, MTEE: HGC = 1:1.5
The gas fee of the exchange pool is 1%. While it is during the activity period, the gas fee is 0.