Economic Model

MTEE: governance token, based on BEP 20:
Acquisition: 1. Play-to-earn mode in the game 2. Project contribution reward 3. Pledge designated NFT 4. Works Creation reward Ecological scene: 1 Exchange with game token 2.Purchase in-game props and NFTs on NFT trading platform 3. Pledge MTEE to become project nodes & obtain voting and resolution rights 4. Pledge MTEE to get MTEE reward and game token
HGC: incentive Tokens:
1.Completing tasks and get HGC 2. PVP、PVE 3. Be used to open treasure box in the game 4.Purchase props in the game 5.Upgrade architectures
Grain / Wood /Stone / Iron ore:
NFTs, which can be purchased in the trading market or by opening a treasure box. As upgrade consumption in the game, it can only be generated through pledge, airdrop, resource construction and completion of tasks.