Heroes are the core elements of the game, who form combat units together with soldiers. Heroes should participate in actions such as conquering cities, fighting in the wild and garrisoning resource points. Heroes are divided into five qualities according to rarity: black iron, bronze, silver, gold and diamond. The higher the quality, the less the quantity, and the higher the attribute value. All heroes can be upgraded up to level 30. Each upgrade will bring the growth of attribute value.
Heroes can be obtained through muystery box, tavern recruitment, and NFT market. Heroes are divided into black iron, bronze, silver, gold and diamond heroes, of which diamond and gold heroes are rare. Players gain different levels of experience through tavern, PvE and other ways in the game. High level heroes can be purchased from other players.
Check the hero Atlas (you can check the currently open heroes, corresponding qualities and relevant hero Introductions). It is suggested to give priority to cultivating diamond and gold heroes, which has a greater advantage than low-quality heroes.