Universal Participation

Unlike traditional blockchain games that focus on Play To Earn and ignore the playability of the game itself,metaease focuses on returning to the game itself. At the same time, we can also obtain certain income, and make a reasonable balance. The customers we face are not only limited to investment customers but also customers who like the game. Therefore, we will try to lower the threshold of participation for ordinary players as much as possible, provide users with a perception-free decentralized operation, and provide a more convenient way to top up and withdraw. Create a sustainable economic system.

Play to Earn

Users can obtain different props and game tokens by playing games. Blockchain technology gives users the ownership of game assets and increases their value by actively playing games. Excellent players can get more benefits. They can not only have fun in the game, but also get rich benefits.

Asset circulation

In metaease game ecology, NFT can realize the interaction on the game asset chain. With the support of metaease game ecology, users' game assets can span multiple game applications. Easily experience the charm of multiple games and greatly enhance the value of users' game assets.

Rights and interests are connected

MTEE's original honor system will also apply to all games within the ecology. For example, users get honor records and honor titles within game A. MTEE will independently build a hall of honor where users can browse and display their honor records. We will cast the user's honor title as NFT, when holding this NFT, join any game to get different rights and rights corresponding to honor NFT.

NFT Store -Timate

Timate is the NFT trading marketplace in the meta-universe and holds an important role. Users can trade all NTFS in the eco-application in the platform or present them away. It is also possible to mint NFT digital assets using the tools provided by the platform. User assets in the metaverse need to ensure their attribution. in the virtual world, users have their own houses, cars, pets, and various other assets, which are all NFT. the NFT trading market promotes the circulation and realization of the value of NFT. In addition to trading, a large amount of content creation is needed to enrich the metaverse world. Therefore creation and asset digitization are also very necessary. Ti-meta will provide perfect tools to support users who can freely create their NFT products. At the same time, we will establish a creator community and provide various tasks and IP resources for the community. Creators can create NFT to get revenue.

Decentralized Wallet - Tiline

Tiline is a decentralized wallet. It is used as a key tool for asset depository and identity accounts in the Metaease ecosystem. Tiline can be used as a browser extension and mobile application as well as an SDK, to support FT and NFT token storage, trading, and conversion. Provides a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange, everything needed to manage digital assets. Allows users to manage accounts and their keys in multiple ways, including hardware wallets while isolating them from the site context. This is a significant security improvement over storing user keys on a single central server or even in local storage. In particular, the Tiline wallet SDK will be embedded into the game application, lowering the barrier to participation in blockchain games, enhancing the user experience, and fully securing the user's virtual assets in the game. Support Web3 compatible browser customers can very easily link other applications through Tiline, only need to authorize the signature, Meanwhile, each transaction request requires an authorized signature. Tiline supports the exchange between multiple tokens within the eco-application and MTEE, and also supports other tokens to exchange for MTEE, lowering the threshold for users to participate in each application in the eco-application. In addition to transactions, Tiline also serves as the user's identity account and allows direct participation in ecological applications by using Tiline.

Tool Warehouse

As a pioneer in the industry, we are exploring and realizing things that may have been done before but not standardized. The goal of this undertaking of Metaease is to form a standard for blockchain in games or digital asset applications, how to combine all assets with blockchain, and work on the chain. So we open source all the tools that have been verified to the tool repository, including NFT casting, wallets, smart contracts, and convenient game development tools to reduce the cost of user participation in building the meta-universe. Of course, we welcome and encourage developers all over the world to participate, and the community will pay the corresponding rewards.


After the initial model is verified in the market, Metaease will open-source all the standards as well as tools in the tool repository. we will initially create a DAO tool to start promoting the whole project by decentralized community governance to truly realize co-creation and sharing, for which the project management token - MTEE sets 30% of the management funds.

Game Marketplace and Honor System

Metaease will gather many game projects, and to support the disclosure of game-related information as well as open-source tools, a game marketplace will be established on the official website of Metaease. Disclose all-around game information to the public to support the community and users' review and supervision of game projects. Second, excellent projects deserve to be known by more people and need to have more exposure.
Apart from the game market, we will introduce the access standard of the honor system and display the honor gained by users in the honor hall. Users who enter the game hall will get the incentive and get the qualification of internal testing of other games. Of course, they need to cooperate with game companies and developers to create excellent games that make players more satisfied.