Metaease takes games as the entrance to the Metaverse, starting from games and based on the blockchain technology with VR and AR technology to create a Metaverse world in which people can perform various behaviors such as immersive social, gaming, creation, and trading. At the same time, it provides various ecological tools, like wallet and NFT store, to build the economic system in the Metaverse and link the value exchange between various applications in the ecology.
Metaease first focuses on the game field, and the natural worldview of games is very close to the Metaverse concept. Metaease game ecology includes multiple, multi-genre blockchain games, and connects many game economic systems while supporting the transfer and use of multiple game assets. It truly builds the game Metaverse 1.0.
Metaease will initially use BSC chain, ETH, and other more complete, high-performance public chains as the underlying architecture to ensure that ecological applications can support multi-user access and use at the same time. After the initial completion of the ecological model, it will gradually support all mainstream public chains to realize cross chain function and information transfer. Use IPFs technology to store ecological content and information to ensure information security. It will be based on a decentralized wallet, to realize the accounting system of DID + token flexible authorization to guarantee asset security while conveniently participating in ecological applications. Using VR technology + games enhances the immersive experience of games it will support NFT casting and trading to provide more content for the Metaverse. Establishing an economic system based on MTEE and between each application, as well as a community governance system based on MTEE. Finally, building a safe, stable, and rich Metaverse world.
Last modified 1yr ago