Metaease FAQ

1. About Metaease?

Metaease is a decentralized autonomous Metaverse community ecosystem with P2E games, NFT store, decentralized wallet, etc. It aims to create a virtual world where players can engage in immersive social, games, creation and trading combined with blockchain technology, VR technology, token economy and DAO. The team is composed of top game development companies and early entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry from all over the world.

2. Metaease Team

Metaease is an international team with members from both North America and Singapore.

3. Metaease’s official email

4. Metaease's product modules

NFT store-Timeta; Decentralized Wallet-Tiline; Gaming market and honor system; Tool warehouse; DAO

5. Brief introduction of Timeta

Timeta is the NFT trading market. It promotes the circulation and realization of the value of NFT. Users can trade NTFS on Timate or present them away. Timeta will also provide perfect tools to support users to create their own NFTS.

6. When Timeta launched

Timeta 1.0 has been launched in test environment, and will be officially launched in 2022 Q1.

7. Brief introduction of Tiline

Tiline is a decentralized wallet. It is used as a key tool for asset deposit and identity accounts in the Metaease ecosystem.Tiline provides everything which is needed to manage digital assets. It also allows users to manage accounts and their keys in multiple ways, including hardware wallets.

8. When Tiline launched

Tiline will officially go online in Q2.2022

9. Any game launched

Metaease's first game "Heroland" will be launched soon. It's a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy mobile game. Players can earn game tokens through the game and exchange them to MTEE. There will be more games launched in 2022 Q3&Q4, Metaease will open up the transfer of game props and asset circulation at that time.

10. Metaease governance token

Metaease governance token MTEE is issued based on the BEP 20 protocol, with a total of 1 billion pieces. MTEE is a measure of value for the entire Metaease ecosystem, as well as a voting weight for users in the DAO.

11. MTEE Distribution Model

  • 30% for DAO foundation;
  • 10% for private placement
  • 10% for team; 5% for community
  • 25% for pledge mining
  • 20% for platform subproject investment

12. MTEE acquirement and usage

You can earn MTEE through our P2E games or purchase directly in centralized or decentralized exchanges. Contributions to the community and creations are also counted and users will be rewarded with MTEE. Users can exchange MTEE for game tokens or other tokens, buy props or NFT products. Pledging MTEE to become a node and get voting and proposal rights is also another choice.

13. How to ensure information security?

Storage the ecological content and information by using IPFS technology to ensure information security.

14. What public chains will Metaease use?

Metaease will initially use BSC chain, polygon and other complete, high-performance public chains as the underlying architecture to ensure that ecological applications can support multi-user access and use at the same time. Then, it will gradually support all mainstream public chains to achieve the functions of cross-chain and information utilization.

15. Advantages of Metaease's games

  • High playablitlity, universal participation
  • Asset circulation
  • Use VR technology in games
  • Rights and interests are connected with honor NFT

16. Metaease global communities and users

Metaease is a global project based in North America. The communities are active in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Russia, etc. Besides English communities, we will establish Turkish, Africa, Persian, Russian communities, etc.

17. When Heroland Beta version?

Heroland Beta version will be launched on 23th February, 2022

18. Heroland registration and gameplay

  1. 1.
    Users who already have Metaease official website accounts can log in directly with their official website accounts, and users who do not have official website accounts can register and log in by email.
  2. 2.
    You don't need to bind the wallet address to participate in the game. But when trading in the game, you need to bind the wallet address. Users can generate a wallet address with one click in the game (Note: Please keep your private key carefully)