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MTEE Introduction

Metaease management token MTEE is issued based on the BEP 20 protocol, with a total of 1 billion pieces. MTEE, as the management token of the Metaease Metaverse, is a measure of value for the entire Metaease ecosystem, as well as a voting weight for users in the DAO.

MTEE Acquisition

Purchases in Centralized or decentralized exchange
Earn through play to earn in-game
Contribute to the project and be rewarded by the community Pledge
Designated digital assets for MTEE rewards
Create work and get incentives for the project

MTEE Usage

Exchange MTEE for game tokens in the exchange pool to participate in the game.
Use MTEE to buy all in-game props and NFT products in the ecology.
Stake MTEE to become a node and get voting and proposal rights.
Stake MTEE to get MTEE rewards and game token rewards.

MTEE destruction

transaction fees will burn a certain percentagePart of the profit of the game project will be destroyed by buying back in the market